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With Spring in full swing, it is time to clean up all the yard. Raking grass can be a lot of fun but unfortunately on occasion we can experience injury as a result of a lot of raking.

With repetitive bending to reach over and rake, back and shoulder injuries can ensue. These injuries can be a real set back when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In order to prevent injury follow these simple useful tips:

1. Gentle warm up prior to activity. Some gentle back bends and trunk rotation stretches can warm up muscles so that they are “ready” for the activity. take 2-3 minutes of slowly flexing, extending and rotating your trunk while seated or standing to warm up.

2. Evaluate the amount of work, and divide up by completing over several days or by finding some helpers up for the task.

3. Take frequent breaks in activity. Every 5-10 minutes, be sure to stand up and take a step back to admire your big pile of leaves! This will give your back and lower extremities a rest from repetitive be...

Dear Valued Clients of Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic,

During this extraordinary time, there is nothing more important to our community than the safety and well-being of our patients, our staff and our families.

On Friday, the Government of Alberta and Public Health announced that in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID -19, our clinic will remain OPEN for urgent cases during this time. Don’t worry, we have developed a solution for treating non-urgent patients via Telehealth. A platform used by doctors and physiotherapists to provide valued treatment to patients.

In anticipation of this announcement, our clinic has been working hard behind the scenes to set up a video treatment platform to allow patients to continue with their appointments virtually by TELEHEALTH until this Government restriction is removed. This shift to virtual treatments will allow non-urgent patients to self-isolate as recommended by the Government of Alberta and AHS, to protect our community while...

March 18, 2020

We have had many questions in regards to our clinic and what measures that we are taking in order to help protect the health of our patients, our staff and our community.  We want to address your questions and help ease some of the anxiety due to the COVID-19 virus.  


  • We are remaining vigilant with sanitizing our entire clinic as per AHS requirements.

  • Upon arrival ALL patients are asked to sanitize their hands as well as throughout their appointment.

  • We are asking ANY patients

    that have traveled outside of the country or have ANY signs of illness to call the clinic and reschedule their appointment to after the 14 day self-isolation period.

  • We are decreasing the number of patients in the clinic by staggering appointment times.

  • We are asking our physiotherapists, patients and staff members to maintain the recommended social distancing.

  • We are limiting the number of patients in our waiting area and...


Your feet are the foundation for the rest of your body acting much the same as the foundation of a house. Ensuring your feet are healthy and supported is important to assist you in moving pain-free. A custom orthotic is a support for your foot and is built specifically for your feet based on a thorough assessment by our therapists.

The right orthotics can reduce pain, provide support, prevent foot deformity, relieve pressure, and improve biomechanical function of the body. Orthotics help and encourage the foot return to a more normal movement pattern with the ultimate goal of recruiting the right balance of muscles to work in conjunction with each other.  

Orthotics are recommended for:

  • People who suffer from sore feet with standing, walking or running.

  • ...

February 5, 2020

How do you embrace a healthy lifestyle at home? 

I love being physically active and creative so I often find myself trying out new sports or activities. In just the past year, I’ve taken boxing lessons, taught myself felt-needling, and experimented with the pour-over technique in my attempts to find a perfect cup of coffee. I also love spending sunny days outdoors with my dog enjoying the company of other fur-riends and their owners at the dog park.  I believe in the importance of prioritizing the joy-giving aspects of life, and it is incredible how it fuels my attitude and service in other areas of my life.

When you are not at work, what are you likely to be doing? 

Playing sports and weightlifting are already very much a part of my weekly routine. I also often find myself at the dog park, making crafts, or planning my next trip to the mountains! To relax, I love to read or watch The Office on Netflix. Whether I am on a trip, or at home, I will also likely have a cup of coffee with me.

December 31, 2019


Your Health Your Wealth!  Get informed about your extended health care benefit plan! Extended Health Care benefits help plan members and their dependents pay for medical expenses that aren't covered by their provincial plan. With AHS only covering a limited amount for physiotherapy and often a wait to access it, it is important to know the details of exactly what your plan covers, how much it covers per treatment as well as annually, if you require a doctor’s referral and if there is a deductible.  Most plans are now easily accessible online.  To get the maximum use out of your plan and to ensure that you know the guidelines to follow will ultimately help you with your own health as well as your pocketbook. 


To start make sure you check off the following list:

  • Does your plan require a doctor’s referral?

  • Does your plan have a deductible?

  • How much does your plan cover per treatment?

  • What is your annual maximum?

  • When does your plan renew?

  • If your family has 2...


Many Canadian homeowners spend long hours shoveling snow this time of year, but too much twisting, bending and lifting can place excessive loading on the spine, resulting in back strain or more serious injuries. The Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA) recommends using good posture and body mechanics as well as adopting a good technique for shoveling. It is also helpful to do warm-up exercises for the larger muscle groups such as the shoulders, back and the legs (before and after) any type of yard work.


The following recommendations by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association will help minimize the risk of strains and sore muscles:

· Hold the shovel handle close to your body to help maintain good posture while shoveling. Keep one hand near the top for better leverage and use your arms and legs more than your spine. Ergonomic shovels,have bent or side handles for less strain on the hands and wrists. This design ensures that the elbows are bent slightly and also en...

September 25, 2019

Nicole has been member of our Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic team since January 2019.  

Why did you become a kinsesiologist?

Growing up I had a family member that required a lot of physiotherapy.  I saw the benefits of physiotherapy treatment and the exercise that goes along with it.  This inspired me and today I enjoy seeing the benefits of exercise to our patients first hand.

What is your favorite product to use with our patients?

My favorite is the Bosu because it is so versatile.  It can be used for balance, ankle knee & core coordination and strengthening.  I also love to use it for strength progression exercises such as squats and push ups. 

When you're not at work what are likely doing?

I love hiking!  I recently hiked Lady MacDonald in Canmore.  I also loved the challenge of my first back packing overnight hike. I spent 3 nights hiking the Michelle Lakes near Banff, it was difficult but so rewarding.    My other fa...

August 28, 2019

As the last week of summer winds down and the return of another school year is upon us, you might find yourself out shopping for back to school supplies. One of the most important items to consider for your child’s health this fall is their backpack. Those long lists of school supplies often lead to a very heavy backpack! Backpacks come in every size, shape and color as kids express their own style, but it is important to consider more than just style when making the best decision with your child. Traditional two-strap backpacks are the best option compared with shoulder bags, messenger bags or purses because they are designed to distribute weight evenly through the back and abdominal muscles.

By following some simple guidelines when choosing and fitting your child’s backpack, you can be proactive in preventing unnecessary stresses, strains and injuries as they head back into the busy routine of school. 

1.  Your child’s backpack should not exceed 10-15% of their bodyweigh...


In our body we have different types of muscles. Skeletal muscle is the type of muscle that most of us think of when we talk about muscles. Skeletal muscles are muscles that we contract in order to control how our body moves. They are made up of many muscle fibers and are connected to bones by tendons. So the muscles help control how the bones move. Therefore a tight or injured muscle will change how the bones move which can result in injury to the bones and joints. Ideally we want our joints to move through the full available range of motion in order to allow optimal function during an activity. Once there is injury to muscle, bone or joints, then our level of function decreases and we are unable to participate well, or at all, in activities that we enjoy. Therefore it is necessary to maintain healthy muscles in order to ensure a healthy body.


When our body activates a muscle in order to do an activity that requires joint movement, such as bend the kne...

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April 27, 2020

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