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Do You Have Healthy Legs?

Maintaining a healthy body is essential to our everyday activity level and functioning. a large part of keeping us mobile and active is maintaining healthy legs. Did you know that over 50% of adults will experience some form of Chronic Venous Disorder in their lifetime? A chronic venous disorder is a term used to describe venous circulation deficiencies in which the valves of the veins fail to function properly. The result of this is that blood does not return to our heart as well as it should and instead the blood tends to stay and collect in areas in the veins. Common signs of Chronic Venous Disorders include swelling of the ankle and leg, a feeling of heaviness and tension in the legs,

Fall Raking Tips

Now that we are finally having some decent weather, many of us are just starting our yard clean up. Raking grass can be a lot of fun but unfortunately on occasion we can experience injury as a result of a lot of raking. With repetitive bending to reach over and rake, back and shoulder injuries can ensue. These injuries can be a real set back when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In order to prevent injury follow these simple useful tips: 1. Gentle warm up prior to activity. Some gentle back bends and trunk rotation stretches can warm up muscles so that they are “ready” for the activity. take 2-3 minutes of slowly flexing, extending and rotating your trunk while seated or standing

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