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Q & A's with Physiotherapist Cianna Slenders

1. What do you enjoy most about physio?

I love physio because it allows me to connect with the person in front of me. I so enjoy getting to know someone, what their goals are, and how I can help that person reach their goal. I feel a lot of gratitude and responsibility in being a healthcare provider, and so I try to bring a lot of empathy and strong communication skills to the table with each person I meet. 2. Why is physio important for patients? Physio can be such a game changer in someone's journey because it can be so empowering for some! For me, my biggest goal is instilling confidence in patients, such that they feel a sense of agency in their rehab. It's all about helping you add "tools" to your toolbox, so that you become as independent as possible in your rehab journey. I don't want to tell you how to get better, I want to guide you through what's happening and help educate on how you can best manage it on your own. That way, if the condition is stubborn and sticks around or decides to flare up in the future, you already have the tools to manage. 3. When you're not at work, what are you likely to be doing?

Spending time with my loved ones is key. There's nothing I love more than enjoying a conversation over a good meal with friends and family. Besides that, you can often find me being active in some form. Whether it's rock climbing, running, biking, or hiking, I love to stay moving, especially if it's outside! I also love camping and would spend every weekend in the mountains if I could.

To make an appointment please call (780) 929-5217


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