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Q & A'S with physiotherapist, Kristen North PT., MSc.PT., B.Kin, F.C.A.M.P.T., MCPA

How long have you been a physiotherapist?

I have been a physio for 14 years and have worked at Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic for 11 years.

Why did you become a physio?

I was an athlete growing up. I played many sports until high school when I devoted my time to volleyball and swimming. During my Kinesiology undergrad, I swam with the University of Calgary swim team and had various injuries along the way. I found the skill set of my rehab team interesting and was amazed at their knowledge of the body. And logically (because I'm a very logical person), it was a good direction to take after my Kin degree.

Physical activity is a passion for me personally and I enjoy helping people and improving the quality of their life by helping them maintain their physical function.

Why is Beaumont special to you?

I have started my family in Beaumont and really enjoy the smaller community feel. I have developed a circle of friends, moms, colleagues (across many professions) and a support system that is deeply integrated.

How do you embrace a healthy lifestyle at home?

I just keep moving! I try to always take the stairs. I'm one of those crazy people that loves exercise. It makes me feel good! I like to be active in some way every day. I think it's important to find some type of physical activity that you enjoy. You will always find me walking on my treadmill during our clinic staff video meetings!

I try to have moderation in my diet as well and focus on fruits and veggies but cut myself some slack when it comes to chocolate.

What is your favourite place to have travelled?

My favourite trip I took was with my husband to Italy. We did some exploration through Rome, Florence and Cinque Terre. Then did a 7 day bike tour from Venice to Croatia. It was an amazing way to see and experience the country while doing one of our favourite activities. I have no doubt we will be doing more in the future.

To book an appointment with Kristen, contact the Clinic at 780-929-5217.


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