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What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is also called physical therapy. It is the study of how and why the body moves and functions the way that is does. Physiotherapy involves treating any dysfunction that prevents the body from moving or functioning in its most optimal way. Sometimes these dysfunctions result in decreased range of motion, decreased strength or pain with movement. Physiotherapy is performed by physiotherapists. Physiotherapists are highly trained qualified professionals and are considered movement specialists and experts in their field. In order to work in Alberta, physiotherapists must complete a university degree in physiotherapy and pass the national licensing exam. Physiotherapists use scientif

How to Decrease the Risk of a Fall

Over one-third of seniors fall each year. A fall can result in minor injuries such as cuts or bruises to severe injuries such as fractures or a head injury that can further impact functional activity. Your local physiotherapist is trained to assess the risks associated with falling such as strength, flexibility, balance and walking patterns. As physiotherapists, it is important for us to ensure that members of our community in Beaumont have access to helpful tips that can reduce their risk of a fall and subsequently their risk of injury. Firstly, wear adequate and supportive footwear. Be sure to have shoes with heel support that fit snug to your foot. Make sure to have laces tied prior to m


Golf season is already upon us! As a golfer it is a great idea to make sure that you remember some key tasks in order to prevent injury so that you do not miss any time in this short Alberta season. Firstly, proper attire is key to a successful season. Being comfortable when golfing can be challenging when the weather changes so rapidly. It is important to carry multiple layers of protective clothing in your golf bag including lightweight materials to help wick moisture away and a waterproof layer for those sporadic rain showers. Whether you are walking the course or taking a cart, essential supportive footwear is required. Be sure to measure your foot size annually and change your footwear

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