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How to Decrease the Risk of a Fall

Over one-third of seniors fall each year. A fall can result in minor injuries such as cuts or bruises to severe injuries such as fractures or a head injury that can further impact functional activity. Your local physiotherapist is trained to assess the risks associated with falling such as strength, flexibility, balance and walking patterns. As physiotherapists, it is important for us to ensure that members of our community in Beaumont have access to helpful tips that can reduce their risk of a fall and subsequently their risk of injury.

Firstly, wear adequate and supportive footwear. Be sure to have shoes with heel support that fit snug to your foot. Make sure to have laces tied prior to movement. In wintertime, wear shoes or boots with a good grip or wear studded galoshes over your shoe for grip.In your home, check floors for obstacles regularly that may be in a walkway or high traffic area. Wipe up spills quickly to avoid slipping and check that area rugs are securely fixed to the floor to prevent tripping. Do not stand on obstacles or other furniture to reach higher. Ask a family member, friend or neighbour to access an item that is out of reach for you. Installing grab bars in the bathroom may ease transition from sit to stand from the toilet or bathtub.

Do not rush when changing positions especially from lying to sit and then to stand. Be sure to allow a few seconds for adequate blood supply to reach the brain to decrease the chance of dizziness that may trigger a fall.

Consider using an aid such as cane or walker for balance. Try not view aids as a weakness, instead view them as your platform to living more independently. In winter, spikes can be added to the tips of canes and crutches to ensure safe ambulation on icy surfaces.

With these simple steps, the staff at Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic wish you a safe and healthy Spring!

Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic has been serving the Beaumont community for 23 years. For more information or to book an appointment please call (780) 929-5217.

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