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COVID-19 UPDATE for Physiotherapy

Dear Valued Clients of Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic,

During this extraordinary time, there is nothing more important to our community than the safety and well-being of our patients, our staff and our families.

On Friday, the Government of Alberta and Public Health announced that in an effort to minimize the spread of COVID -19, our clinic will remain OPEN for urgent cases during this time. Don’t worry, we have developed a solution for treating non-urgent patients via Telehealth. A platform used by doctors and physiotherapists to provide valued treatment to patients.

In anticipation of this announcement, our clinic has been working hard behind the scenes to set up a video treatment platform to allow patients to continue with their appointments virtually by TELEHEALTH until this Government restriction is removed. This shift to virtual treatments will allow non-urgent patients to self-isolate as recommended by the Government of Alberta and AHS, to protect our community while continuing to receive the care required.

Last week we launched a program called Telerehabilitation. Telerehabilitation refers to physiotherapy services that use any form of technology such as video treatment and telephone, as an alternate to face-to-face interventions. Our physiotherapists will be able to speak to you one on one via video treatment sessions in order to assess new patients and provide continued care to patients currently receiving physiotherapy.

Telerehabilitation is simple and secure. If you don't meet the AHS criteria for in-person appointments, you will be helped by our video treatment platform. We will send you a notification and an email with a link. Click the link and you are taken directly to your physiotherapists virtual waiting room. Your physiotherapist will start video treatment at your set appointment time. No downloads are needed only your web browser via smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. We have had great success with patients so far and are happy to report that all have commented about how simple it is to use.

Most Extended Health Benefits, MVA insurance companies and the Workers Compensation Board cover the cost of physiotherapy delivered by telerehabilitation. If you have questions concerning this coverage, please ask us when booking your appointment.

The clinic is still open and we are still answering our phones. As of today, if you have an appointment booked with us at the Clinic, your physiotherapist will be calling you to discuss your treatment needs whether that be in the Clinic or via Telehealth or a combination of both.

In order to book a telerehabilitation appointment or to request a phone call from your physiotherapist to discuss options, patients can contact the clinic by calling the clinic at 780-929-5217 or via email: If you require any home exercise equipment such as resistant bands, foam rollers, tape or other merchandise we can deliver. We are here to answer any questions you may have.

We look forward to continuing to serve our patients throughout this fluid situation and will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

Stay healthy and let’s all be part of the solution.

Gabrielle Cave


Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

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