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Your Questions Answered: COVID-19

We have had many questions in regards to our clinic and what measures that we are taking in order to help protect the health of our patients, our staff and our community. We want to address your questions and help ease some of the anxiety due to the COVID-19 virus.


  • We are remaining vigilant with sanitizing our entire clinic as per AHS requirements.

  • Upon arrival ALL patients are asked to sanitize their hands as well as throughout their appointment.

  • We are asking ANY patients

that have traveled outside of the country or have ANY signs of illness to call the clinic and reschedule their appointment to after the 14 day self-isolation period.

  • We are decreasing the number of patients in the clinic by staggering appointment times.

  • We are asking our physiotherapists, patients and staff members to maintain the recommended social distancing.

  • We are limiting the number of patients in our waiting area and gym at one time.

  • Curtains will remain closed during appointments.

  • All exercise equipment is sanitized before and after use.

  • All patients are asked to sanitize their hands when leaving the clinic.


  • If you have ANY signs of illness or fever AND/OR have left the country please re-schedule your appointment in 14 days after the self-isolation time.

  • Stay up to date on current and reliable COVID-19 virus information.

  • Be vigilant in washing your hands.

  • Do no touch your face.

  • Practice social distancing.

  • Be kind

We are aware of the uncertainty and anxiety that is surrounding us all at this time. As healthcare practitioners our number one goal has been and will remain your health and care, we will continue to take the steps needed in doing so. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call the clinic to speak to our front end staff or to your physiotherapist. We will be available to you until otherwise advised. (780)929-5217

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