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Q & A's with Stephanie Chiu - Physiotherapist

How do you embrace a healthy lifestyle at home?

I love being physically active and creative so I often find myself trying out new sports or activities. In just the past year, I’ve taken boxing lessons, taught myself felt-needling, and experimented with the pour-over technique in my attempts to find a perfect cup of coffee. I also love spending sunny days outdoors with my dog enjoying the company of other fur-riends and their owners at the dog park. I believe in the importance of prioritizing the joy-giving aspects of life, and it is incredible how it fuels my attitude and service in other areas of my life. When you are not at work, what are you likely to be doing?

Playing sports and weightlifting are already very much a part of my weekly routine. I also often find myself at the dog park, making crafts, or planning my next trip to the mountains! To relax, I love to read or watch The Office on Netflix. Whether I am on a trip, or at home, I will also likely have a cup of coffee with me. Why did you become a physio?

I have always had an interest in movement and activity. Through my own sports-related injuries and by watching the rehab journey of those around me, I discovered the immense positive impact that customized rehabilitation programs can have for the progress of an individual. These specialized plans allow individuals to effectively move forward from an injury, reduce pain, increase strength, and progress into a higher performance of training. I was drawn to the physiotherapy profession because of the fascinating science of anatomy, biomechanics, and recovery to help people move beyond physical barriers. What do you enjoy most about physio?

It is the perfect profession as it incorporates my passion for movement and love of working with people! Effective physical therapy involves the balance of evidence-based movement principles and the development of creative applications tailored to an individual’s goals/needs and I live for that challenge!

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