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Research published last month has confirmed what physiotherapists already know - that the best way to treat most low back pain is to exercise and keep moving.

At some point in their life, over 80% of people will experience an episode of low back pain. This is contrary to most peoples’ belief that bed rest and pain medication are the best treatments. The research demonstrates that with correct exercise and continued pain-free activity, most episodes of back pain will resolve in a few weeks. If your back pain has developed from a fall or serious traumatic event, then you must be medically assessed prior to exercising in order to rule out more serious pathology.

Of particular note in regards to treating back pain, is that costly diagnostic imaging tests such as X-rays and MRI’s are not usually necessary for determining treatment of low back pain.

If you have questions regarding your low back pain, be sure to visit your local physiotherapist to be assessed and to receive a tailored exercise program just for you and your specific injury.

Check out our blog post from September 2017 to read more about taking care of your back.

Here is the link for the research article regarding best treatment practices for low back pain:

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