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Why are we called a Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic?

Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic is comprised of an expert staff who have trained in physical rehabilitation medicine, anatomy, physiology, exercise prescription and biomechanics and have many years of experience applying evidence based science to building better athletes across all sports. We offer education, assessment, treatment prescription and consulting services to support and improve performance in athletes whether it is for injury prevention or rehabilitation.

Assessment involves the use scientifically supported techniques to establish an understanding of an athletes’ strengths, weaknesses, and imbalances. Our staff then design a science-based individual prevention or treatment program to limit injury risk, allow safe return to play following injury and optimize the performance of an athlete. This includes the prescription of a very personalized physical therapy and rehabilitation training program to correct biomechanical deficiencies and to optimize relevant sport-specific needs. We also offer off-season performance and injury prevention training.

Physical Therapy combines aspects of manual therapy with biomechanical assessment and then correction via education and sport-specific exercise. Often we hear of athletes being treated with only “passive treatments” such as rest, electrical stimulation, heat/ice and ultrasound without any focus on active correction of movement imbalances. We utilize manual therapy while actively correcting biomechanical dysfunctions and optimizing return to play.

At Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic we have physical therapists, kinesiologists and massage therapists to help in the assessment and treatment of an athlete. Our team have worked with many amateur and elite professional level athletes. Amateur athletes during the very important developmental stages of sport such as minor hockey up to Junior levels, require close attention as they physically develop and often sustain injury that can affect their future in the sport. Professional and Olympic level athletes require very sport specific training and rehabilitation to ensure successful return to a season/competition and in a timely but safe manner.

Over many years of experience in treating elite athletes, Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic has developed relationships with international brands such as Nitro Snowboards, Sigvaris Compression Socks and Don Joy bracing.

A little more about our expert team….

Did you know?


1. Was on the Board of Directors for the Sport Medicine Council of Alberta from 2004-2011?

2. Worked as a therapist with Midget AAA hockey in Edmonton from 2000-2005 and saw multiple players from those teams make it to professional hockey in the NHL?

3. Has worked with elite athletes in sports such as mountain biking, motocross, wakeboarding, snowboarding and hockey?

4. Can order diagnostic imaging such as x-ray and MRI for patients if deemed appropriate?

5. Combines her training in vestibular rehabilitation with recently completed extensive training in concussion management and rehabilitation.


1. Was an elite Canadian Junior figure skater from the ages of 3-21 years?

2. Works with elite figure skaters, track athletes and dancers to enable return to sport?

3. Combines her passions and training in physiotherapy and restorative yoga to provide optimal recovery in her patients?


1. Played Junior level hockey in Beaumont for the Chiefs and Senior level AA?

2. Was a medical trainer for the Beaumont Chiefs for several years?

3. Has worked with elite athletes including Ironman and triathletes?

Combines his extensive experience of hockey and physiotherapy to help his patients?


1. Has a long history of working with elite competitive dancers in Beaumont and combines her specific knowledge inherent to dance and paediatrics to treat dancers of all ages?


1. Has experience treating and working with swimmers, triathletes, hockey players and golfers along with many other athletes.

2. Is an avid hockey player and back-country snowboarder as well as participates in golf, yoga and slo-pitch?

3. Has a special interest in treating shoulder injuries in athletes?


1. Has worked with many elite athletes including the Junior National Ski team and Rugby Canada?

2. Can treat dizziness and headaches in athletes from concussions and head injuries through her extensive manual therapy training and concussion training?

3. Uses IMS as a part of treatment for chronic pain including that in the athlete?


1. Was a trainer with the University of Victoria’s Men’s ice hockey team?

2. Worked in the past as a physiotherapist with the Edmonton Rush (NLL)?

3. Performed fitness testing with teams in the ECHL?

4. Has worked with highland dancers, WHL hockey players and professional rock climbers?

5. Participates in slow pitch, yoga and plays hockey with Audrey?


1. Has extensive knowledge of the sports of swimming and volleyball?

2. Likes to work out, swim, salsa dance and play volleyball in her free time?


1. Is a massage therapist with experience treating swimmers, marathoners and soccer players along with many other athletes to ensure they are able to continue to participate in sporting activities.

This combination of experience training and coaching both amateur and elite athletes paired with University trained science based assessment and treatment training leads to more effective program design, appropriate training and ultimately healthier, stronger, higher performing athletes.

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