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Q & A's with Teri McTavish - Physiotherapist

1. What do you enjoy most about physiotherapy ?

Physiotherapy is a beautiful combination of many body healing techniques. With each individual, I can work with him/her to find the best combination of therapy techniques to find the recipe for success. Some individuals benefit from precise exercise programs, some acupuncture and manual therapy, some need advice or a better understanding of how their body works under the skin layer, and some learn relaxation techniques to help settle the monkey mind (and related muscle tension!) within this busy world. The combinations of tools from our physiotherapy tool boxes are endless and continually growing.

2. What is your favorite product to suggest for patients?

The Spiky Ball! There is nothing better than being able to release muscle tension at your own leisure and in your own home.

3. What do love most about working at Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic?

Both the staff and patients are so caring, warm and welcoming. The community of Beaumont has such a rich energy, and I enjoy sharing in the positive energy each day I am in the clinic. 4. What's your most memorable moment as a Physio?

When I was working in stroke rehabilitation, I witnessed the incredible power of exercise therapy and movement in healing the body. I was working with a patient who initially came to me with no mobility of the left side of body due to a stroke. Within three weeks of constant diligence and progressive exercise therapy, they were bravely taking their first steps and, instead, walked the whole length of the gym! It was incredible. It proved to me the huge capacity that the body has in healing its own ailments.

5. How do you embrace a healthy lifestyle at home?

My home life is based on rest, relaxing, happy and healthy movement, laughter, and keeping family/friends top on my priority list. It also helps that I was able to convert one sunny room in my house to a meditation room. This room really helps to lower stress levels instantaneously.

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