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Meet our Physiotherapist - Annika Schieck

What do you enjoy most about Physio?

Working with my patients to find a recovery journey that works for them. I enjoy the creating rehab plans that are engaging for my patients and get them back to doing what they love. I also genuinely enjoy learning and so the fact that there is always something new to learn in physio because the field is constantly changing is really fun. I love that no matter how long I’m a physio for there will always be new skills to learn!

What is your favorite product to suggest for patients.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest this as a product for all my patients because everyone is unique and what is good for one body may not be good for another, but I’m very interested in minimalist shoes and minimalist running right now and having been doing research and some self-trials on minimalist shoes and the impact they have on running and moving my body.

When you're not at work what are you likely to be doing.

I love leading an active lifestyle, especially one that gets me outside, so I enjoy hiking, skiing, and camping. I have played volleyball for 12 years and in the past few years began coaching and really enjoy it. During my Master’s I developed an unrivalled passion for spikeball, so I try to play as much as possible. I don’t think my skills match how much I love the sport but I will never turn down an opportunity to play! Favorite place in the world to travel.

I love travelling and really struggle picking just one favorite place. But before entering my Masters I did a two month trip through the Balkans and had a fantastic time. I would love to return and do even more of the southeast of Europe. The mix of sun, beaches, beautiful countryside, and friendly people is just too good to pass up. Turkey and Jordan are also high on my list as I would love to see Petra next time I’m in that corner of the World.

To make an appointment with Annika please call (780)929-5217


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