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Q & A's with Jackson Hill - Kinesiologist


What do you enjoy most about being a Kinesiologist?

I love working within the world of physiotherapy because it has the ability to help all ranges of injuries and conditions, and to help people get back to doing things they enjoy! Everyone's activity levels are different, and helping people reach their desired level is an awesome experience. Working as a Kinesiologist has allowed me to improve my exercise prescription and prepare me for my career as a physiotherapist.

When you're not at work what are you likely to be doing?

I love spending time outdoors, at Lac St. Anne or Pigeon Lake, however much of my time recently has been devoted planning our wedding and trip to Vietnam coming up next month! My fiance Jenna and I both love to travel and Vietnam has been on the bucket list for a while.

How long have you been worked in Beaumont?

I started working at Beaumont Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic in July this year and have really enjoyed my time here so far. The staff are amazing, and always in good spirits, and as a recent physiotherapy grad, I have had the unique opportunity to learn from the incredibly talented physios who work at the clinic. It has been a pleasure working with the friendly clientele coming to the clinic, whether new or returning clients, everyone has welcomed me with open arms!

Favorite place to eat in Beaumont right now?

Being new to the Beaumont scene, I haven't tried too many places to eat just yet. Having said that, Maina's Donair has set the bar extraordinarily high! As I answer these questions my craving for a donair from Maina's has become increasingly strong.

Favorite place in the world to travel?

While working on my physiotherapy degree in Scotland I was lucky enough to travel to many places in Europe. To pick one is tough but I had a wonderful time touring around the islands of Croatia! It is definitely worth a stop over if you are in the area, and if you get a chance to stay within Old Town in Dubrovnik don't pass it up!

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