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Q & A's with Gabrielle Cave-Owner/Physiotherapist

Meet the Physio – Gabrielle Cave

Gabrielle Cave has been the owner of Beaumont Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic since 2013 and has been practicing at the clinic since 2004. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Therapy in 2003.

Why did you become a Physiotherapist?

Growing up I played a lot of competitive sports and I experienced many knee injuries. Between regular physiotherapy attendance for these injuries, and having an aunt who is a physiotherapist, I was exposed to the benefits of physiotherapy for both treating injuries that have already occurred and for preventing future injuries. I love seeing how treatment can help patients enjoy life to the fullest and not be held back.

Why is Beaumont special to you?

When I started working in Beaumont in 2004, I was quickly drawn to the small town feel. Treating patients and then seeing their trust in me to treat their entire family over the years is a special experience. Being here and watching the town grow rapidly but still maintain the small town atmosphere is great to be a part of. I love that patients are able to receive treatment at our clinic and are able to catch up with friends and neighbors at the same time!

Favorite product to suggest for patients?

I'd have to say that when appropriate, the braces we carry for patients are an excellent way for patients to continue to participate in the activities they enjoy while preventing pain and providing protection to their joints. Whether it's a sore elbow, an unstable knee or maybe a sprained/fractured ankle, it is nice not to be held back from staying active. Wearing the correct protective brace can be extremely beneficial.

Favorite place to eat in Beaumont:

I absolutely love Maina's Donair; the cheese donair with sweet sauce! Maina is a true example of the small town atmosphere that I love about Beaumont. I think she has memorized every customers order! I also love Chartier!!

I hear you're philanthropic, can you tell me about that?

As a mom of two, I believe it is important to support local charities such as the Chantel Berube Community Youth Centre. The health, well-being and success of children and youth in our town is important to me. I am also an avid ambassador for the Stollery Children's Hospital. As part of the Stollery Women's Network, I am constantly participating in meetings and events to encourage support for The Stollery. We are always looking for more ambassadors!

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