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Your Health Your Wealth - Knowing your extended health care benefit plan

Your Health Your Wealth! Get informed about your extended health care benefit plan! Extended Health Care benefits help plan members and their dependents pay for medical expenses that aren't covered by their provincial plan. With AHS only covering a limited amount for physiotherapy and often a wait to access it, it is important to know the details of exactly what your plan covers, how much it covers per treatment as well as annually, if you require a doctor’s referral and if there is a deductible. Most plans are now easily accessible online. To get the maximum use out of your plan and to ensure that you know the guidelines to follow will ultimately help you with your own health as well as your pocketbook.

To start make sure you check off the following list:

  • Does your plan require a doctor’s referral?

  • Does your plan have a deductible?

  • How much does your plan cover per treatment?

  • What is your annual maximum?

  • When does your plan renew?

  • If your family has 2 plans, which plan is the primary and which plan is secondary? Do your plans coordinate?

  • Does your plan accept electronic submissions?

  • Does your plan cover virtual appointment?

We can direct bill to the following Insurers:


  • Blue Cross/Medavie Blue Cross

  • Canada Life

  • Chambers of Commerce


  • ClaimSecure

  • Co-Operators

  • Cowan

  • Desjardins

  • Equitable Life of Canada

  • Empire Life

  • First Canadian

  • GMS Carrier 49

  • GMS Carrier 50

  • Green Shield

  • GroupHealth

  • Group Source

  • Industrial Alliance

  • Johnson Inc.

  • Johnston Group Inc.

  • Manion

  • Manitoba Blue Cross

  • Manulife

  • Maximum Benefits

  • NexGenRx

  • RWAM

  • SSQ Financial

  • Sun Life

  • RCMP/Veteran Affair Plans - Medavie Blue Cross

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us, we would be happy to help! (780) 929-5217

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